Scalp micropigmentation for women

Hair loss in a woman’s life can be a stressful and an embarrassing issue. There are many causes for women’s hair loss including alopecia, health issues, multiple child birth and side effects due to medications. Even hair styling that is over-aggressive can cause bald spots and thinning. Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution for any type of women’s hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation is ideal for women with hair thinning across the top of their scalp, Importantly by using our camouflage technique to create a smooth transition between the hairline and scalp, our practitioners have successfully treated dozens of women with Alopecia and post-surgery scars.

Hair loss in women

Women’s hair loss differs from men’s because women usually lose hair in a diffuse thinning pattern making them an ideal candidate for receiving treatment with Scalp Micropigmentation. Our specialists have many years of experience helping women to renew their self-confidence by using Scalp Micropigmentation to give a natural look.

We are proud to provide a unique and customized consultation process for each and every customer. Before we start treatment, we match your natural or desired hair color to create an indistinguishable three-dimensional appearance, then we start with layering ink impressions in the areas affected by baldness. The number of sessions required by client varies, but generally require three-four sessions.

Helen is currently the only Scalp Micropigmentation expert in the tri-state region that specialize in SMP for women. Helen being a SMP client herself understand the process and relates to her clients.