Scalp micropigmentation for male patterend baldness

Unlike other treatment options, Scalp micropigmentation offers an effective, guaranteed, and cost-effective treatment option for male pattern baldness. Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic procedure in which dots of pigment are added to your scalp, much like getting a tattoo. These dots are carefully matched to your skin tone and natural hair color, and are carefully placed across your head using a precise computer controlled system, resulting in the appearance of a full head of hair that has been cut or shaved close to the scalp.

How does Scalp Micropigmentation work?

Using a needle similar to a tattooing needle, scalp micropigmentation places tiny dots of pigment just beneath the surface of the skin on your head. This collection of dots creates the appearance of hair that has been shaved clean and is just starting to grow out again. This procedure creates an incredibly natural appearance of fullness, a natural hairline, and can be combined with your existing hair growth to create even more fullness. Scalp micropigmentation only takes a consultation and 1 to 3 visits to provide individuals suffering from any degree of male pattern baldness with the appearance of a full head of hair.