Meet the team

Helen vane rivas

Helen Vane Rivas is a health advocate promoting community health awareness for 17 years. She has a degree in Health Education and her number one goal is to help her clients feel good about themselves by regaining their confidence after hair loss. Helen understands and relates to her clients who suffer from hair loss related issues. After multiple childbirths and medical procedures Helen’s healthy hair was damaged as a result. SHe was told that it could take years before her hair could grow back, even then it would not be the same. Helen felt defeated and depressed that she would have to live with her hair loss issues for a very long time. She tried many products to help cope with her hair loss issues with no long term results. Helen started Her journey with Scalp Micropigmentation in 2017 when she became a client and saw immediate results. This gave her a boost of confidence. She thought she would never have Beautiful hair due to her medical issues. She became an SMP advocate and before you know it she was being pulled into the industry to tell her story and help others who were suffering with the many causes of hair loss. With time she trained with some of the Top SMP pioneers and Helen continues to advocate for SMP.


Cristian has a degree in business management. He started his SMP journey in 2017, after searching for a solution for his wife that was suffering from hair loss due to multiple child births and surgeries. Cristian became trained in Scalp Micropigmentation and his wife became his first client. He noticed a sudden change in her, she was more vibrant, outgoing, a social butterfly you might say. Which inspired him to bring out that same spirit in others that suffered through the same situations that his wife went through. Cristian has been performing and changing the confidence of his clients ever since.


Aaron has been a licensed barber in Baltimore for more than 15 years, so making the transition into SMP was a natural and easy choice for him. Following comprehensive training by one of the best artists in the business, clients now seek Aaron from out of state, although most of his clients are located in Baltimore or Washington DC. Aaron provides clients with exceptional scalp micropigmentation treatments and first class service. His clinic space is comfortable and welcoming, the ideal environment for successful SMP procedures.